Legendary Marketer Products

Legendary Marketer Products

Legendary Marketers Club

A powerful monthly marketing club packed full of training, education and resources to start, grow and scale your digital marketing business. Members enjoy monthly training as well as access to all past training, courses and live classes.

Traffic Rolodex

Dave gives you his secret traffic sources of high quality, high converting traffic providers.

Buyers Traffic Co-op

Monthly traffic co-op of premium traffic that converts into guaranteed sales.

Legendary Builder Masterclass

Digital training. The foundational business and marketing strategies to start and build your digital business. Members receive access to a 4-part masterclass covering storytelling, presenting and leadership principles, lead generation strategies and sales skills.

Legendary Leader Masterclass

Digital training. How to become go to the leader of your marketplace, grow your brand and dominate your competition. Members receive training on brand development, product messaging and scaling strategies to grow your business to the 7-figure level and beyond. Plus, exclusive talks and interviews from highly success leaders in multiple industries who reveal the strategies they used to for growth.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Live event. A live in-person mastermind covering the most cutting edge traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies from the world’s top online marketers. Members enjoy a lifetime membership to all 3-day live Legendary Marketer Masterminds held in Tampa, FL (or locations yet to be determined).

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind

Live event. A live in-person mastermind covering health, wealth and wisdom hacks, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself. Members enjoy a lifetime membership to all 3-day live Legendary Entrepreneur Masterminds held in Tampa, FL (or locations yet to be determined).

Legendary Lifestyle Experience

This is an exclusive opportunity designed for those committed to excellence and experiencing life at levels few will ever strive for. Members will receive invitations to attend an incredible adventure in an exotic, out of the country (USA) location where they’ll play, network learn. They’ll also receive up to 1 year of personal group coaching by David Sharpe as well as exclusive private VIP days after all Legendary events and masterminds. The Legendary Lifestyle Experience is an extraordinary group of individuals striving for higher personal and professional achievement and a deeper impact on the world around them.

Legendary Marketer products consist of digital training products and live events designed to improve your life and your bank account.

Purchase of live events includes lifetime access so you can keep going to the life events anytime. Live events are recorded and available in the back office for those who can not attend.

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